Man Polishing Car

Ceramic Coating


Revolutionary Hybrid Coating

Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer that contains solvents that are applied by hand to the exterior or interior of a vehicle. The coating chemically bonds with the vehicle’s factory paint, trim, and glass along with interior finishes. Once the solvents evaporate, it fills all the microscopic pores which allow nothing to stick or cling to the surface, while creating a layer of protection. When picking a ceramic coating, we chose professional grade companies like DuraSlic & GTECHNIQ, which both require professional training and certification. 

If you are considering this installation, we highly recommend a paint correction to remove any imperfections from the paint before sealing the vehicle with ceramic. This is an imperative step to getting the best look and protection of the Ceramic Coating process.

DuraSlic’s unique hybrid structure and true ceramic composition prevents chemical, mechanical and environmental degradation when applied to automotive surfaces, such as paint, glass and trim. This translates to significantly longer car surface protection than other ceramic coatings, yet with unmatched ease of application. DuraSlic protects automobiles from scuffs and scratches, water stains, chemicals, tar, corrosion, and harmful UV, simplifying exterior car maintenance and enhancing the appearance of the vehicle.

Put more plainly, car owners will see a car that looks great and is really easy to clean when cared for correctly.